Course Description

An introductory course on the social, cultural, and historical resurgence of Indigenous knowledge and practices with a particular focus on the Anishinabe of southwestern Ontario.  The one-day class will give learners a better sense of Indigenous traditions to prepare the workplace to design and deliver culturally appropriate program of these clients. 

Topics will include, but are not limited to:  Indigenous history, colonization of Indigenous people, culture and traditions of the Anishinabe, Indigenous knowledge, Truth and Reconciliation and the Indian Residential School Legacy.

The exercises in this program will utilize Indigenous methodologies to provide participants with a unique cultural experience.

Example of Exercises

  1. Reconciliation Policy: The groups will be asked to develop a Reconciliation Policy for their place of employment. 
  2. The Anishinabe Clan System: This exercise will utilize the Anishinabe Clan system to provide a solution to a problem and provide participants with a personal experience using an Indigenous process to solve a communal problem. The participants will practice a new process of conflict resolution.

Learner Outcomes

At the end of this course the students will have knowledge of the following:

History, Governance and Culture

  • The history of Indigenous people in the southwestern Ontario.
  • The governance structure of Indigenous people (Anishinabe) in this area pre-contact.
  • The cultural practices of Indigenous people (Anishinabe) in this area pre-contact.
  • The Indian Act still in effect today

Impacts of Colonization

  • The impacts of colonization upon Indigenous people (Anishinabe) in this area.
  • The Indian Residential School system.
  • The impacts of Indian Residential School system upon Indigenous people.
  • Understand how intergenerational trauma has trickled down to subsequent generations and the impacts upon Indigenous people.

Statements, Agreements and Apologies

  • The Reconciliation Statement delivered by Hon. Jane Stewart.
  • The Indian Residential School Settlement Agreement.
  • The Apology by the Churches within Canada
  • The Apology by Right Honourable Prime Minister Stephen Harper 

Learners must attend at least 80% of the class to receive a “Certificate of Participation”.




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Indigenous People of Southwestern Ontario
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“A portion of tuition from Indigenous People of Southwestern Ontario will benefit programs at the Can-Am Indian Friendship Centre of Windsor, Ontario.  For more information about CAIFC, please visit their website: caifc.ca.”

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