Course Description

This course focuses on the engagement of self-reflection and improvement. Students will reflect individually and collaboratively to both model effective learning and to enhance their own understanding of the practices of the IB programs and their role in promoting international education. Students will develop and articulate a personal, independent and critical stance in relation to contrasting perspectives on issues, policies, and developments in the IB programs. Students will demonstrate their review practice and identify where improvements can be made. Collaborative engagement will present opportunities and possibilities for professional learning with fellow international educators, within their schools and throughout the globe.

Course Outline

This course has three primary domains:
• The principles and processes of reflective practice
• Collaborative working, planning, implementation, and evaluation
• The use of information and communication technology to support the building of communities of practice.


  • IEC 000-PYP/MYP  or IEC 001-PYP/MYP


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Professional Learning (PYP/MYP) Winter 2022
Section Schedule
Jan 24, 2022 to Apr 14, 2022
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Tuition Fee non-credit $700.00
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The deadline to enroll and pay tuition fees for the Winter 2022 IB semester is January 2, 2022. 
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