Course Description

This course expands on the knowledge and skills acquired in Part I. It further develops theories and practices of second language acquisition and provides an advanced examination of additional French language instruction strategies to teachers who wish to deepen their ability to develop FSL programs:  Core, Extended, and Immersion.    NOTE:  Veuillez noter que le cours sera donné entièrement en français!

Course Outline

Topics include:

  • Using relevant research and school improvement plans to review and revise FSL programs
  • Expanding the use of technology, art, drama, and music in the FSL classroom
  • Understanding the AIM program in more detail
  • Exploring the communicative and cooperative approaches
  • Re-examining inductive and deductive teaching
  • Developing motivational strategies to generate student interest and retention
  • Developing lessons and units in the Core, Extended or Immersion class including split grades
  • Exploring different strategies for a class novel study and independent reading
  • Incorporating the writing process
  • Exploring the role of French culture including song, dance, poetry, visual



There are no textbooks required for this course.


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  • Hold a “Certificate of Qualification” showing successful completion of AQ French as a Second Language, Part 1.
  •  "Certificate of Qualification" must be in good standing.
  • Confirmation of Teaching Experience Form, signed by a supervisory officer*, confirming one year of teaching experience completed after teacher’s certification.  (Form must be submitted to our office by the semester deadline date for course approval)

* The Ontario College of Teachers defines “supervisory officer” as the Superintendent or Assistant Superintendent of the school board for a teacher employed by a Board of Education. (A principal or headmaster is not recognized in this capacity). For a teacher employed by a private school, the “supervisory official” is the Ministry of Education official (e.g. Education Officer) appointed to provide supervisory services to the school. 


Important Notice: While we endeavour to be as accurate as possible while reviewing your qualifications for courses in our program, the Faculty of Education bears no responsibility for ensuring you have met the qualifications as per the guidelines of the Ontario College of Teachers. It is your responsibility to learn which prerequisites you will need. https://www.oct.ca/members/additional-qualifications/prerequisites

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Section Title
AQ French as a Second Language, Part 2 (Winter 2023)
Section Schedule
Jan 30, 2023 to Apr 17, 2023
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Online - Asynchronous Learning  
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Tuition Fee non-credit $685.00
Reading List / Textbook
There are no textbooks required for this course.
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The deadline to enroll in Winter 2023 AQ courses is January 8, 2023. The required confirmation of teaching experience form must be submitted by January 8th or shortly after this date for course approval.


Confirmation of Teaching Experience form - https://www.uwindsor.ca/education/continuing/aq/forms

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