Course Description

This course is designed for candidates who wish to demonstrate educational leadership through a position of added responsibility in Co-operative Education within their school board.  This leadership course targets teachers who already have a strong sense of subject content and pedagogy gained from professional experience who are ready to assume a supervisory role in developing the curriculum and assessment techniques. 

Course Outline

Topics in this course include:
  • Managing day to day administrative tasks such as scheduling and timetabling
  • Advocating for the integrity and credibility of co-operative education programs
  • Relating the elements of Guidance and Career education policies to Co-operative Education
  • Managing student records, transportation procedures, and accident reporting procedures
  • Interviewing and selecting students for community-based learning programs
  • Implementing placement procedures for community-based learning programs
  • Apprising employers of their roles and responsibilities
  • Designing processes and instruments for placement assessment and student assessment
  • Counseling students with regards to workplace destinations
  • Developing an action plan for program improvement based upon results of program effectiveness survey



There are no textbooks required for this course.


OSAP Funding for AQ Courses

The Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) now includes funding for hundreds of micro-credential programs. The micro-credentials plan ensures loans and grants will be available to more learners to rapidly upskill and reskill for in-demand jobs. Please be advised that this AQ course is on the list of eligible courses for OSAP funding. Please view the Micro-credential website for details and eligibility. https://www.ontario.ca/page/micro-credentials-ontarios-postsecondary-schools.


Who can get OSAP?


OSAP is open to Ontario residents of any age who are:

  • Canadian citizens
  • permanent residents, or
  • protected persons

 If you have questions regarding Micro-credential funding, please contact Student Awards and Financial Aid at award1@uwindsor.ca.



  • Hold a “Certificate of Qualification” showing successful completion of Part 2.
  • Confirmation of Teaching Experience form, signed by a supervisory officer*, confirming two years of teaching experience completed after teacher’s certification.  The supervisory officer must also recognize that the candidate has taught in the teaching subject for at least one year.  This form must be submitted to our office by the semester deadline date for course approval.

* The Ontario College of Teachers defines “supervisory officer” as the Superintendent or Assistant Superintendent of the school board for a teacher employed by a Board of Education. (A principal or headmaster is not recognized in this capacity).The Superintendent must also recognize on the Confirmation of Teaching Experience form that in one of these years, the candidate has taught in the area of Cooperative Education. For a teacher employed by a private school, the “supervisory official” is the Ministry of Education official (e.g. Education Officer) appointed to provide supervisory services to the school.


Important Notice: While we endeavour to be as accurate as possible while reviewing your qualifications for courses in our program, the Faculty of Education bears no responsibility for ensuring you have met the qualifications as per the guidelines of the Ontario College of Teachers. It is your responsibility to learn which prerequisites you will need. https://www.oct.ca/members/additional-qualifications/prerequisites

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AQ Co-Operative Education, Specialist (Fall 2022)
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Oct 11, 2022 to Nov 22, 2022
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Tuition Fee non-credit $685.00
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There are no textbooks required for this course.
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