Course Description

This course focuses on enabling teachers to understand, plan and effectively execute dynamic teaching strategies and learning assessments by providing the skills and knowledge necessary for the intermediate division level.

Course Outline

Topics include: 
• making connections between the Church and the contemporary culture of adolescents
• understanding the meaning of the sacraments
• understanding Catholic social teachings regarding social justice.
• knowing how to modify and accommodate the needs of students with exceptionalities
• understanding, devising and employing a variety of assessment and evaluation instruments 
• applying Christian moral principles to relevant moral issues in students’ lives
• understanding the connections between Religious Education, the life of the student, the family, the parish and the broader community
• discussing the intersection of the Bible and science

• understanding policies and procedures relating to sexual abuse and harassment 


  • Hold a Certificate of "Qualification" or showing basic qualifications in two divisions:  i.e. Primary, Junior, Intermediate or Senior.  
  • "Certificate of Qualification" must be in good standing.
  • a university degree
  • There are no undergrad pre-requisites for this course. You do not need to submit a transcript.

Important Notice: While we endeavour to be as accurate as possible while reviewing your qualifications for courses in our program, the Faculty of Education bears no responsibility for ensuring you have met the qualifications as per the guidelines of the Ontario College of Teachers. It is your responsibility to learn which prerequisites you will need. https://www.oct.ca/members/additional-qualifications/prerequisites


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