Course Description

This course provides and overview of the five main sectors of the Green Industries: Landscaping, Horticulture, Agriculture, Forestry and Floristry. Candidates will obtain skills that can be facilitated in a variety of learning environments.

Course Outline

Topics in this course include:

  • exploring design and problem solving processes, methods and approaches as they relate to Green Industries Grades 9 and 10

  • exploring the fundamental technological concepts in Green Industries

  • inspecting and reporting on the learning environment, facilities, equipment needs, resources and state of maintenance and repair for delivering Green Industries Grades 9 and 10 programs

  • demonstrating knowledge and ways of planning and implementation of Ministry of Education curriculum policy related to Green Industries 

  • using, accommodating, and modifying expectations, strategies and assessment practices based on the students development and/or special needs

  • understanding the types of secondary school pathways (including apprenticeship training, college, university, workplace) and their relationship to students’ post-secondary goals  

  • understanding species classification and identification and relationships between species and geographical areas

  • understanding the effects of both biotic and abiotic factors on growth

  • understanding design and planning processes and their application in the Green Industries

  • understanding and using mathematical technological skills as they apply to Green Industries

  • demonstrating Green Industries skills (for example, design and production practices, management strategies and technical skills relating to specific applications and tasks)

  • planning, organizing and implementing effective health, safety, sanitation and environmental standards in the Green Industries Grades 9 and 10 facility

  • identifying strategies to establish links between the school community, industry and the Green Industries Grades 9 and 10 program

  • understanding and demonstrating compliance of workplace and, health and safety legislation and standards related to Green Industries Grades 9 and 10



  • General Certificate of Qualification and Registration

  • An entry for the same technological education subject in grade 9 and 10 and in grade 11 and 12

If a candidate’s area of study in the program of professional education was NOT in a technological education subject, the candidate must meet the following requirements:

  1. five years of work experience, including business or industrial experience, or a combination of postsecondary education and work experience that totals five years and includes:

    1. at least two years of work experience, including business or industrial experience, at least four months of which were continuous, and

    2. postsecondary education acceptable to the College consisting of:

      1. a program leading to an acceptable post-secondary degree, or a certificate, diploma or advanced diploma granted under the Ontario College of Applied Arts and Technology Act, 2002, or a predecessor act, or under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005, or a predecessor act, or by another institution acceptable to the College, OR

      2. an apprenticeship program acceptable to the College, and

      3. in the work experience referred to above, demonstrated competency based on an assessment of advanced skills and knowledge related to a technological education subject listed in Schedule B

For the purposes of fulfilling the work experience requirements outlined in (i) and (ii) above, up to one year of work experience completed as part of a work placement or co-operative work placement in a post-secondary education program may be counted if the placement was a required element of the education program and the work experience occurred after the applicant had completed at least 50 percent of the program.


Important Notice: While we endeavour to be as accurate as possible while reviewing your qualifications for courses in our program, the Faculty of Education bears no responsibility for ensuring you have met the qualifications as per the guidelines of the Ontario College of Teachers. It is your responsibility to learn which prerequisites you will need. https://www.oct.ca/members/additional-qualifications/prerequisites

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