Course Description

Academic and Professional Writing is designed to support internationally educated nurses to develop writing skills required to be successful in university-level courses and for professional practice as a Registered Nurse in the Canadian setting. The course will teach students library search skills, how to construct and write scholarly papers, fundamentals of patient charting, electronic records, and client education materials. The course creates a link between scholarly writing and writing in the practice setting (i.e., readability, clarity of expression, and terminology).

Students will be taught how to identify and use research and scholarly evidence to enhance, support, or influence professional practice. Students will be taught how to communicate effectively with colleagues using a variety of modalities (written, oral, online). Students will have the opportunity to demonstrate effective and consistent use of the American Psychological Association (APA) writing and style guide.

By the end of the course students will be able to write with more clarity, and critical self-awareness; write for a variety of audiences and contexts; demonstrate effective writing processes and strategies; demonstrate the development of ideas through critical thinking, including analysis and synthesis; find, use, and cite diverse sources of evidence; translate and transfer knowledge to others in written format; and give and receive constructive feedback to/from classmates in virtual environments.

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