Course Description

This course focuses on the learner and learning in relation to developing knowledge, understanding, skills, and attitudes in their students. Students will develop a deeper understanding of the IB programme curriculum frameworks and the processes that underpin them.  Students will develop practical knowledge of how the IB programmes are designed, interpreted and implemented.  This course has four primary domains: a focus on international education and the role and philosophy of the IB programmes; the development of curriculum frameworks (aims and objectives); curriculum and instructional design; and curriculum articulation.  

NOTE:  This course is open to all students eligible for the International Educator Certificate program.  However, for those who are commencing their teacher education program (e.g., Ontario B.Ed. Year 1 students), it is highly recommended that you first complete IEC 001 - Teaching and Learning before enrolling in this course.   
Once registration is submitted, students must specify their intended DP specialization: 

  • Studies in Language and Literature
  • Language Acquisition
  • Individuals and Society
  • Sciences
  • Mathematics
  • The Arts

Please identify your intended specialization via email to ib@uwindsor.ca as soon as possible after registering.  


OSAP Funding for IB Courses

The Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) now includes funding for hundreds of micro-credential programs. The micro-credentials plan ensures loans and grants will be available to more learners to rapidly upskill and reskill for in-demand jobs. Please be advised that IB courses are on the list of eligible courses for OSAP funding. Please view the Micro-credential website for details and eligibility. https://www.ontario.ca/page/micro-credentials-ontarios-postsecondary-schools.

Who can get OSAP


OSAP is open to Ontario residents of any age who are:

  • Canadian citizens
  • permanent residents, or
  • protected persons

Students must enroll and pay for courses and be reimbursed directly by OSAP.  If you have questions regarding Micro-credential funding, please contact Student Awards and Financial Aid at award1@uwindsor.ca.


  1. Have an initial qualification that is the first degree of a university or other institution, or possesses a qualification and/or experience that is deemed equivalent.  This usually refers to a Bachelor's degree. And; 
  2. Have a recognized teaching qualification or be in the process of completing an education degree.  The IBO does acknowledge that some experienced IB teachers may not hold a current teaching qualification.  In such cases, a minimum of three years of full-time professional teaching experience in a government-approved/registered school is required. 

 Although we appreciate your interest in registering for an IB course with us at the University of Windsor, please note that we can no longer accept late course registrations. Please be sure to apply by the deadline date in order to secure your spot for the upcoming semester.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. 


Enroll Now - Select a section to enroll in
Section Title
Curriculum Processes (DP) - ITARI Summer 2024
Section Schedule
Jun 24, 2024 to Sep 02, 2024
Delivery Options
Online - Asynchronous Learning  
Course Fee(s)
Tuition Fee non-credit $659.00
Section Notes

This is a specific partnership offering.  To enroll in this section you must be affiliated with ITARI or INDUS International Training Research Institute.


The deadline to enroll and pay tuition fees for the summer 2024 semester is June 10, 2024.

If this is your first semester, an application that includes all supporting admission documentation must be received by this date.  Contact ib@uwindsor.ca if you need assistance.

How Do I complete an application form?

  • You will need to login to your existing account at https://register.continue.uwindsor.ca/
  • Once you have access to your account you will see “my applications” on the menu items shown on the left side of the screen.
  • Select available applications.
  • Select the ITARI - IB Application and complete all sections.
  • Ensure that you have selected the stream you wish to enroll for as well as upload all copies of your supporting admission documents. (chose file/upload/save)
  • All supporting admission documentation must be translated to English if needed. The translation must be done by a service. You cannot translate the documentation yourself.
  • Make sure you save the application and submit.
  • If you are having difficulty with the application contact ib@uwindsor.ca for assistance.
  • The admissions team will review your application.  It can take a couple weeks or more to process.  Your patience is appreciated.


Section Title
Curriculum Processes (DP) - Fall 2024
Section Schedule
Sep 16, 2024 to Nov 24, 2024
Delivery Options
Online - Asynchronous Learning  
Course Fee(s)
Tuition Fee non-credit $775.00
Section Notes

The deadline to enroll and pay tuition fees for the Fall semester is August 26, 2024.  If this is your first semester you must also submit all supporting admission documentation by this date. 



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