Course Description

The goal of this online live instructional class is to discover the process of abstract painting and to create your own painting (s). Through a series of six weekly classes we will explore different mediums and learn how to develop your visual language to express emotions through colour, line form and mark making. You will learn how to mix paint, utilize various painting techniques, and explore various materials. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced painter, this class will help you to learn about visual representation, abstraction and the process of creating your own unique artistic style.

Course Outline

Lesson 1: Introduction

  • Discover history, processes and materials of abstract expressionist painting
  • Learn Colour Theory and Mixing and create your own Colour Wheel/Scales
  • Practice expressing feelings through mark making
  • Review the importance and purpose of using a sketchbook
  • Practice and paint

Lesson 2: Mixed Media and Experimentation

  • Discuss various abstract expressionist painters and the wide range of materials they use
  • Explore a variety of materials, techniques and tools to investigate various surfaces and objects
  • Investigating your own unique style and technique
  • Explore and paint

Lesson 3: Realistic and Abstract Representation

  • Review the process of abstracting an image
  • Walk through a decision-making process of imagery to keep and discard
  • Learn how to keep the painting representational and other parts flowing into abstraction
  • Learn scale of representation between realistic and non-representational
  • Modify, transform and paint

Lesson 4: Creative Process and Layer

  • Discover process-based art
  • Work in multiple layers on canvas
  • Continue to develop your art and painting(s)

Lesson 5: Think Outside the Frame

  • Explore different ways to move beyond the frame of the canvas and onto the walls or space of the gallery
  • Investigate various painters who move beyond the frame
  • Begin to finalize painting and prepare for the last class critique

Lesson 6: Critique and Celebrate!

  • Participate in a class virtual gallery display
  • Learn how critiquing can be fun and informative for your art practice
  • Discuss challenges, successes and improvements of your own art pieces


Materials are not included. Participants must purchase the following materials before the start of the class.

  1. Any size canvas and any number of canvases preferred
  2. Large acrylic paint tubes (red, blue, yellow, black and white)
  3. A sketchbook
  4. Gesso (Canvas primer)
  5. Gel Medium
  6. Various paintbrush sizes
  7. Palette knives (2-3)
  8. Spray bottle
  9. Sponges, towels or paper towels
  10. Mixed Media paper
  11. Scissors, glue and painter’s tape
  12. Other materials of your choice (ex. Cement, sand, sugar, magazine cut-outs, printed photos)


This course is offered through Blackboard Collaborate. Learners will require access to a computer with high-speed internet access.

Blackboard Requirements

All course details can be accessed through Blackboard. A link will be provided through email and you will have access the first day of class.

Please activate your UWinID. Your UWinID and password are needed to access Blackboard. If you have any issues, please contact continue@uwindsor.ca.

Blackboard.uwindsor.ca works best with Google Chrome. You can also use Firefox or Safari. It is suggested that you avoid using Internet Explorer. There is a “Navigating Your Online Course” module and technical tutorials that you can review for a brief orientation to Blackboard once you log in. Feel free to review the full Blackboard preferred system requirements.

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