Course Description

UWindsor Prep Chemistry is a non-credit online course that reviews grade 12 concepts to help students prepare for Chemistry at the University of Windsor.

Take this refresher if you are registered in the following UWindsor academic courses:

  1. CHEM-1100 General Chemistry I or
  2. CHEM-1103 Topics for General Chemistry

UWindsor Prep Chemistry is ideal for students who are starting in the Faculty of Science and majoring in Chemistry, Biochemistry, Biology, Forensics, Environmental Science and Physics. It is also ideal for students who are in Civil Engineering taking CHEM-1103. Any other student who would like to enhance their knowledge of Chemistry or who is required to take CHEM-1100 or CHEM-1103 as a part of their degree program would also benefit from taking this refresher.

This preparatory course offers a refresher to students who will be taking first year Chemistry courses. Introductory concepts required for first and second semester classes will be covered. These topics include nomenclature, types of reactions and balancing chemical equations, stoichiometry, properties of elements and the Periodic Table, VSEPR Theory, gas laws, thermodynamics, rates of reaction, chemical equilibria, acid-base theory, electrochemistry, and organic chemistry.

Course Outline

Participants can expect to complete a combination of short assignments, quizzes and activities during the course.  Daily online participation is also required for successful completion. Upon completion students will be awarded a grade of complete or incomplete. 

Learner Outcomes

At the conclusion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Understand periodic trends, how elements combine to form bonds, and molecular geometry
  • Balance chemical equations, identify types of chemical reactions, and predict products of chemical reactions
  • Understand the concept of the mole and how it relates to chemical reactions and solution chemistry
  • Understand how gas laws explain the behaviour of gases
  • Name and draw organic compounds based on name and/or structure
  • Analyze rates of reactions, energy changes, and causes of equilibrium changes
  • Understand redox reactions and their relationship to galvanic cells


This course is offered through Blackboard Collaborate.

Blackboard Requirements

All course details can be accessed through Blackboard. A link will be provided through email and you will have access the first day of class.

Please activate your UWinID. Your UWinID and password are needed to access Blackboard. If you have any issues, please contact continue@uwindsor.ca.

Blackboard.uwindsor.ca works best with Google Chrome. You can also use Firefox or Safari. It is suggested that you avoid using Internet Explorer. There is a “Navigating Your Online Course” module and technical tutorials that you can review for a brief orientation to Blackboard once you log in. Feel free to review the full Blackboard preferred system requirements.


Successful completion of SCH4U (Grade 12U Chemistry) is recommended.

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