6 Courses Required

The Certificate in Christian Studies represents a historic partnership between the University of Windsor and its federated and affiliated colleges, namely Assumption University, Canterbury College, and Iona College. The certificate seeks to provide an interdisciplinary overview of Christianity. The courses will include an introductory course, science and religion, the Bible, Jesus of Nazareth, interfaith dialogue, and a topics course that will change annually. The purpose of these courses is to introduce students to the foundational texts, historical developments, cultural and literary expressions, and diversity of the Christian tradition. In its many forms, Christianity has also had an extensive and diverse impact across the globe. Students will study Christianity in an academic environment from a historical and humanities-based perspective. The certificate has been developed in the spirit of ecumenism, bringing together four institutions with a long history of dialogue and collaboration. In turn, the courses are designed with a pluralistic approach in mind and with the intent of welcoming students from diverse backgrounds.


The Certificate of Christian Studies will be offered through Continuing Education as a partnership between the three affiliated/federated Colleges Assumption University, Canterbury College and Iona College (the Tri-Colleges).

To complete this certificate students must successfully complete the six of the following courses:

  1. ARTC 7101 (Introduction to Christianity)
  2. ARTC 7102 (Jesus of Nazareth)
  3. ARTC 7103 (The Bible: An Introduction)
  4. ARTC 7104 (Religion and Science)
  5. ARTC 7105 (Studies of Interfaith Dialogue)
  6. ARTC 7106 (Topics in Christian Studies)

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