5 Courses Required
The International Educator Certificate for IB Qualification programme will qualify you for an IB Certificate in Teaching and Learning. This highly-valued credential will help open up teaching opportunities for you in the 100+ IB schools within Ontario and over 4700 schools across the globe.
The IB Certificate in Teaching and Learning offers students the opportunity to examine the principles and practices associated with one of three IB programmes (Primary Years, Middle Years and Diploma Programmes). This certificate programme shapes pre-service, new and experienced educators into reflective practitioners and teacher researchers.
Diploma Programme
The International Baccalaureate ® Diploma Programme (DP) is for students aged 16-19. The following sequence of courses should be followed:
  • 000 Curriculum Processes
  • 001 Teaching and Learning
  • 002 Assessment and Evaluation
  • 003 Professional Learning
  • 005 Professional Learning Community (PLC)
IEC 000 or IEC 001 serves as a prerequisite before taking IEC 002 or IEC 003. Students may take IEC 002 or IEC 003 only if they have already completed one of the prerequisite courses (IEC 001 or IEC 000).
This programme is comprised of 4 online courses and a practical component. The practical component consists of a professional learning community (PLC) facilitated online. Thus, students can satisfy all certificate requirements fully online, from anywhere in the world! The programme is available to practicing teachers, current Bachelor of Education students as well as international educators. With 3 intakes per year (January, June or September) the IB Certificate programme is flexible for pre-service, new and experienced educators. Complete the certificate at your own pace in as little as 8 months.
Once course candidates complete the programme, they will receive a Certificate of Completion from the Faculty of Education. As well, candidates will have the opportunity to register with the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) to be recognized around the world as an IB Educator.
The University of Windsor is the first institution east of Alberta, and the first in Ontario, to offer the International Educator Certificate (IEC) for the International Baccalaureate (IB) Qualifications. We have the only Faculty of Education to offer the IEC for IB Qualifications to any pre-service teacher candidates.
Admission Requirements – Diploma Program
The IB Certificate in Teaching and Learning is a worldwide credential available to a worldwide audience of pre-service, new and experienced educators. Thus, our program is comprised of students with diverse backgrounds and teaching experiences.
Students can be accepted as either an in-service teacher (e.g., practicing educator) or a pre-service teacher (meaning you are presently enrolled in an initial teacher training program). The admission requirements and corresponding supporting documentation will vary based on your career stage and geographic location. Students are granted admission to the program satisfy the following requirements:
1) Bachelor’s degree, AND one of the following:
2A) Have completed or are currently completing a recognized teaching qualification from any jurisdiction in the world. OR
2B) A minimum of three years of teaching experience, confirmed by a letter(s) from your employer(s).
To be admitted to the program in the Diploma Programme (DP) stream, we require a copy of your undergraduate transcripts showing 10 half credits in your chosen specialization. To processes your application to the programme, the admissions team requires proof of the above requirements, translated into English if needed.
Application Instructions

To apply to the International Educator Certificate for IB Qualification Programme, students must submit an application and provide the supporting admission documents by the semester deadline date. All tuition fees are due by the semester deadline date as well. Students who wish to enroll for Primary Years, must provide supporting admission documentation confirmation the admission requirements listed above.

How Do I complete an application form?

  • You will need to either create a continuing education student account or login to your existing account at https://register.continue.uwindsor.ca/
  • Once you have access to your account you will see “my applications” on the menu items shown on the left side of the screen.
  • Select available applications.
  • Select the International Educator Certificate for IB Qualification Programme Application and complete all sections.
  • Ensure that you have selected the DP Specialization as well as upload all copies of your supporting admission documents.
  • Make sure you upload files to the application form otherwise they will not be included with your application. (Chose file/upload/Save).  Your files will be shown if you successfully uploaded.
    • The maximum allowed file size for uploads is 10240 KB
    • The file extensions allowed for uploads are:  doc, docx, jpg,pdf.
    • File uploads may not be supported on mobile devices.  Use a supported device to complete the file upload.
    • All file names must be in English and not contain any symbols.
  • If you have difficulty uploading your documents, submit the online application and email your documents to ib@uwindsor.ca.

  • If you are not uploading copies of your official documents, please select the checkbox indicating you will be mailing your documents to the following address directly.
Faculty of Education, University of Windsor
Attention: IB for IEC Qualification Programme
401 Sunset Avenue
Windsor, Ontario, Canada N9B 3P4
  • Make sure you save the application and submit when the application is complete.
  • The admissions team will review your application and respond as soon as we can.  It can take two weeks or more for an update.
If you have questions about eligibility, we encourage you to contact us at ib@uwindsor.ca should you have any questions. We will be eager to assist you through the process.

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5 Course(s)

The International Baccalaureate ® Diploma Programme (DP) is for students aged 16-19.


The following courses are required for completion of the Certificate in Teaching and Learning.

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